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Cash Blog.

saving-money-1x7xdzaGet a financial industry insider’s perspective on money, debt, credit, loans, making major purchases, and basically everything else on the topic of cash.

Stop the lectures about how ‘not buying coffee’ will save you billions per year, and start actually getting your money right.

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Cash Talk. recording-studio-microphone

Adrian & Missy are two millennials, career finance people, and self declared money experts getting you woke to your wallet and no longer afraid to check your bank account.

Teaching everything you weren’t taught in school about personal finance, corporate hustling, getting those bills paid, and making Oprah levels of money.

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Financial Educator | Millennial | Entrepreneur
Writer | LGBT Activist | Abusive Relationship Survivor

I’m Adrian! I started Man Vs Cash..
in 2016 after spending many years working in the financial industry with other people’s money, yet feeling like I knew nothing about my own.

For some reason, talking about money is taboo in our world. We know more about our friends sex lives than we do about their financial lives. That’s not cool. That’s why I decided to get financially naked online, tell others about my journey, and share everything my time in the industry has taught me.

I’m passionate about what I do, and I want you to stop being afraid of your bank account so you can start living life on your own terms.