Man Vs Cash

Building wealth by waging war on what we’re taught about cash.

Are you tired of people who don’t live in a house like yours, with an income like yours… trying to relate to you?

I’m not a millionaire.

I am in the middle class tax bracket.

I use my decade long career in the finance industry to teach you (not preach to you) about how to live richer, more comfortably, and more financially independent.

Join the 3,500+ others that I have helped reshape their finances and reach goals that they thought were only dreams.

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Are you tired of feeling broke every single day that isn’t payday?

Ready to take control of your finances, but don’t know where to start?


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My name is Adrian J. Hall

I am Man Vs Cash.


I am a self made, self taught money expert who builds actual wealth for myself and others by waging a war on the way that we all think about cash.


What I accomplished:

1. REBUILT MY CREDIT: 502 to 770+.
2. PAID OFF DEBT: $40,000 to $0 in 18 months.
3. NET WORTH: Negative $30,000 to $125,000+ in five years (as of Aug ’18)



No, I didn’t inherit money, marry rich, or win the lottery… my household is squarely in the middle class tax bracket. The only thing that changed was how I thought about everything regarding my money.



Shouldn’t you live your best financial life, too?


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“I just want you to know I’m obsessed with your finance advice. You have single handedly helped me lower my monthly expenses by hundreds and increase my credit score with all three credit bureaus almost 100 points since January of this year! I’m hoping soon I’ll have my student loans paid off on top of paying for my new classes out of pocket. Thank you again and again and again!”

“Your blog has really improved my finances. I’ve caught up on everything and the multiple bank account tip has helped me start saving $400 a month! I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck! I still live like I’m poor, but knowing I’m not is what’s important! We are even going on a vacation this year. We have never had a family vacation.”

“With the help of this blog and a little sacrifice and perseverance I am happy to say, I was able to qualify for a car loan, which built up my credit to a point that I could secure a credit card a year later to continue my upward trend. I’m working out a budget that will help me save more money for an emergency fund and for a Christmas fund. I can feel a goal that felt so far away finally in my reach. I don’t fear my budget or my bills anymore.”