If You Are Reading This, You Are Affected.

The FCC just announced its plan to slash net neutrality rules, allowing ISPs like Verizon/Comcast/ATT to block apps, slow down websites, and charge additional fees to control what you see & do online. They vote December 14th.

But if Congress gets enough calls, *they* can stop the FCC.

If you are reading this, you are affected by this.

Do your part to save websites like ManVsCash, Cash Talk Podcast, and every other small/medium/large website that we all currently enjoy.


Author: Man Vs Cash

Adrian Hall is a money expert, opinion piece writer, podcast host, and career finance guy who paid off $50,000 in 18 months by rethinking everything he knew about money. When he is not obsessing over his financial goals, he can be found biking, working on his car, or spending time with his husband and dog.