Who Is Man Vs Cash?

My name is Adrian.
I am at war against cash.


I know how it feels to not know how to make solid decisions with your money.

I know how it feels when your head is barely above water.

I know how it feels to act like you have everything together.

It’s time to stop acting like you’ve got it together,
and actually get it together.




Financial Educator | Millennial | Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Motivational Speaker| Writer | LGBTQ Activist | Feminist | Abusive Relationship Survivor

My career has been built in personal finance, banking, consumer lending, budgeting/accounting, mortgages, real estate, and I even had a stint as a used car salesman! If it involves money, I know about it!

I never hesitate to admit every one of my money mistakes so you don’t have to repeat them.



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I got tired of being told how to manage my money, where to cut back, and how silly I was for not knowing all the right moves by people who didn’t live in a house like mine or whose bank accounts was much, much bigger. That’s why I started this website, and the Cash Talk Podcast.

My goal is to teach you everything that I know about money, debt, credit, loans, making major purchases, and basically everything else on the topic of cash.

I have worked in personal finance for many years, and I’ve helped countless people build financial independence that they never thought was possible. And I can help you do the same.

I challenge you to stop being a slave to your salary.


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