Who Is Man Vs Cash?

Financial Developer |  Public Speaker | Writer | LGBTQ+ Activist | Abusive Relationship Survivor



My name is Adrian Hall.

I like cars, biking, and being debt free.


Yes, I’ve lived both ways…

Working 55+ hours a week to barely afford a new car and a vacation.


Traveling at a whim, pursuing hobbies, and not even needing a full time job.

Life is short and I have no desire to be a slave to my salary.
I’d rather live my life freely and teach others to do the same.


My credit was rebuilt.

From 502 to 770+
I went from being denied for a $250 loan, to
having access to $50,000+ of credit limits (paid off, of course!).

My debt was paid off.

Student loans, cars, furniture, credit cards, appliances, etc.
Over $40,000 of consumer debt alone. Paid off. $0 balances. Debt free.

My house is almost paid off.

From a 30 year term to 8 years.
I’ll own my home by age 35 and live
on rental income to pay off the other properties.

My savings account finally existed.

From $0 to $$$.
That feeling when I used to freak out over a $200 doctors bill,
and now I can afford to spend thousands of dollars (cash) without flinching.

It’s liberating, and it’s finally a reality.


No, I didn’t inherit money or win the lottery… my household is squarely in the middle class tax bracket. The only thing that changed was how I thought about everything regarding my money.

My career was built on helping people spend money, buy houses, and lending money to others so they could buy cars, boats, motorcycles, and homes. Excess, luxury, and debt wasn’t a just way of life… it was the foundation of my livelihood.

Not all debt is bad, but carelessly getting into and staying in debt is one of the scariest things in our country. Conventional wisdom says “having more money will fix our problems“, yet I’ve seen people who earn $100,000 a year with 550 credit scores and struggle to buy their kids small birthday presents. If we can’t manage $10, how will we be able to manage $100?


We all have a finite amount of time and vitality to earn money,
build financial independence, try new things, and enjoy life.


This blog is where I share all of my secrets to maximizing every dollar that I touch.

Aren’t you tired of feeling broke?


If you are… here’s some resources to join me in financial freedom.

Before you go, here’s the official spot for my legal disclaimers and affiliate link disclosure.
Summary: Be smart.
Everything you read on this website is reflective of my own personal opinion, and not an opinion or representation of any business or organization. You should always seek professional financial advice regarding your unique situation before you make any financial moves. If you have any questions or comments regarding the content of this site, please email manvscash@gmail.com
Summary: Buy smart.
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