Adrian J. Hall

Why do we know more about each other’s sex lives than we do about each other’s careers or financial health?

Who Is Man Vs Cash?

Adrian Hall has been involved in personal finance for a decade. His career includes time as senior staff member for a multi-million dollar financial institution, residential real estate sales, consumer lending, loan servicing, and mortgage lending.

He served on the board of a financial professionals networking group, hosts a financial education podcast, is a public speaker, and has authored financial guidance articles for Out & About Nashville, Financialli Focused, The Lavender Table, among many other publications.

Adrian is an outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ equality, women’s rights, domestic abuse, and black empowerment. In his free time, he likes tinkering on cars, taking road trips, and playing Cities: Skylines & Rollercoaster Tycoon. He is positioning himself to become a real estate investor, and aspires to have a million dollar net-worth by age forty.

Adrian teaches others how to build wealth by waging war on what we’re taught about cash, and speaking transparently about his journey to debt freedom…mistakes and all. His approach is best summarized as a “lets be real” criticism and self examination of how we view cash, and he has helped thousands of people take control of their finances one and for all.

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