Labor Day

Celebrating the creation of the labor movement, the social, and economic achievements of American workers.

That moment when bae wants a new car, but you wanna be #debtfree.

Recently, my husband came to me asking for my blessing to sell his (perfectly fine) car and buy a new one. That meant getting deeper into debt after a full year of sacrifice to become debt free. Before I responded to him, I considered the only rational option: Packing up the dog and fleeing in…

7 Things I Wish That 21 Year Old Me Knew About Jobs

I have been working since I was 14 years old, but my very first “adult” job was many years later. If I could go back to age 21 and give my younger self a few life lesssons, here are the 7 things I’d say…

Introducing: Cash Talk Podcast

I’d like to introduce my longtime friend, self declared financial expert, and podcast co-host Missy to the Man Vs Cash family! We have been working hard to bring this podcast to you, and it’s officially available in Apple Podcast (formerly iTunes), Stitcher, and wherever great podcasts can be found!

My Debt Free Dream Board

  Working to be debt free isn’t going to be a fruitless labor. Here’s my Dream Board of all the ish that I am going to do when I don’t have bill collectors waiting on me anymore.

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Not all of my “millennial money” goes to avocados, and my credit card debt wasn’t frivolously spent on coffee. Here’s my story on when life hit me hard, and I had to make a choice.

Independence Day

Celebrating the birth of a nation and the signing of the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776.

We’ve been featured!

Recently, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Alli of Financialli Focused, a writer who has the same financial mission as me. You can check out my interview, and her page, HERE! Happy Friday!


Remembering the Stonewall Inn riots from June 28, 1969 – July 1, 1969 and the birth of the modern day LGBTQ equal rights movement. Take a minute today to reflect and educate yourself on LGBTQ history, and those who paved the way for people like myself to have a voice. Thanks!

Housekeeping: Free Download Fix!

In May, I posted a link to the FREE money manager to help you get a handle on your finances. However,  the spreadsheet had a subtle bug that was throwing off your math. Since this software is 100% free, I have no way of knowing who downloaded it to reach out individually. Thus, if you’re…

Man Vs Debt Free Charts

Working towards a large goal can be exhausting. Check out my favorite way to focus on the big picture!