Housekeeping: Free Download Fix!

In May, I posted a link to the FREE money manager to help you get a handle on your finances. However,  the spreadsheet had a subtle bug that was throwing off your math. Since this software is 100% free, I have no way of knowing who downloaded it to reach out individually. Thus, if you’re… Read More

Man Vs Pinterest

I’m officially on Pinterest! Check out my boards at and be sure to connect with me on any social media platform you’re using. You can find my pages on the main page of my website. Thanks!

Happy Birthday To Me!

26 years ago today, I graced the world with my presence. Well, technically it was 26 years and 1 day, because I was born on the other side of the international date line… but we won’t get into all that right now. Do you know what free gift I want for my birthday? I want… Read More