Woman Vs Home Buying

Today, we have Jessica, Real Estate Agent spilling the tea on buying your first home, picking the right one, and saving $$$ along the way!   What is the biggest misconception that people have when buying a house? The biggest one is that you need $30,000+ dollars to use as a down-payment. There are so many loans with zero money-down [...]

Woman Vs Plastic

We have Missy, credit underwriter, weighing in on the truth behind using credit cards to establish and build credit. Credit Cards. Extremely useful tool towards building great credit? Or a plastic minion that ties your soul directly to the devil? Something that I wish I were told when I got my first credit card… DON'T APPLY [...]

Banking 101

  Are you making your financial institution work for you? Are you paying too many fees? Want my advice as an insider of the banking industry? Great! Here we go! You probably have an account somewhere. If you don't, then please finish reading this post and go open an account. It will make budgeting your money so much [...]