Man vs Rent To Own Homes

Rent To Own | Lease Purchase | Purchase Option …a rose by any other name, right? Here’s the reality about renting to own a house.

Man Vs My Refinance

Two weeks and six emails later, I saved $60,000! Here’s why you need shop around for a mortgage.

Quick Tip: It’s a sellers market.

As we enter the spring and peak season of home buying in the country, it’s a good idea to know what to expect if you’re buying or selling this year.

Man Vs Home Ownership Hidden Costs

The American dream, right?  Four years ago, we traded our 2 door car and cute townhouse for picket fences and a hound dog in suburbia.  Here’s the real things they don’t tell you about owning a house.

How Man Vs Cash Buys a Car

I am a lifelong car enthusiast, and former car salesman. Want to know some of the car buying tips I use to save money?

Woman Vs Home Buying

Today, we have Jessica, Real Estate Agent spilling the tea on buying your first home, picking the right one, and saving $$$ along the way!