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“Poor” Does Not Discriminate

From the years 2009 through 2011, I was in an abusive relationship, and I learned one crucial lesson that has affected every financial decision that I’ve made since:

I learned what it was like to be poor.

Not “I’m barely making my payments” poor, but rather having to choose between two things that I NEED because I knew that I could not afford both.

Here’s my story.

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Cell Phone Payment Plans Are Awful.

Remember the days when you could drive down to your local cell phone store, flip open a few phones, play with features, and walk out with a FREE cell phone?

I do. And after this year, I miss them.

Here’s our story on how a bucket of clams cost us hundreds of dollars, what we learned about ourselves… and the way we pay for our cell phones.

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That moment when bae wants a new car, but you wanna be #debtfree.

Recently, my husband came to me asking for my blessing to sell his (perfectly fine) car and buy a new one. That meant getting deeper into debt after a full year of sacrifice to become debt free.

Before I responded to him, I considered the only rational option: Packing up the dog and fleeing in the middle of the night… but I really don’t want to download Tinder and try dating again.

Here’s what I did instead.

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