All Dogs Go To Heaven

Not all of my “millennial money” goes to avocados, and my credit card debt wasn’t frivolously spent on coffee. Here’s my story on when life hit me hard, and I had to make a choice.

Man Vs Debt Free Charts

Working towards a large goal can be exhausting. Check out my favorite way to focus on the big picture!  

Man Vs My Refinance

Two weeks and six emails later, I saved $60,000! Here’s why you need shop around for a mortgage.

Man Vs Money Roadmaps

Do you want to make your money work harder for you but don’t know where to begin? Have you tried a budget but struggled to make sense of it? This post is for you.

Free Download: Money Manager

Introducing our official money manager! Easy to read | Efficient | Goal achieving Available for your computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Man Vs Cable Bills

Here’s my tricks to watching all the TV I want without paying for cable.

Man Vs The Wedding Industry

In 2015, I tied the knot without breaking the bank. If you’re getting married, you shouldn’t overpay! Here’s how I had a $2,000 wedding for 70 guests without cutting back on any of the magic.

Man Vs 1 Down!

So… you have, or are about to, pay off your credit card. What happens now?

Man Vs Home Ownership Hidden Costs

The American dream, right?  Four years ago, we traded our 2 door car and cute townhouse for picket fences and a hound dog in suburbia.  Here’s the real things they don’t tell you about owning a house.

Man Vs Saving Money on Valentines

Love is in the air. Cupid is around the corner. The jeweler is saying “diamonds” but i’m saying “don’t go broke over bae“. Here’s how you can save money this Valentines Day.

Man Vs Holiday Spending

Do you know how you’re going to pay for all those holiday gifts? Do you want my advice? Well…you’re going to get it anyway. Here’s some tips to end the cycle of feeling broke for the holidays.